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I finished up revising Spider Gap, the Pure Amore title my publisher requested this winter. My rough draft was 33,378 words and I finished at 45,501. I might have to shave off a bit in my next go through with my editor but even so it felt so good to submit the manuscript. My critique partner, Jenn, had such a huge hand in getting this story whipped into shape. Thank you, Jenn!

Then I jumped into one more revision of my Ancient Assyrian story. I opened it up for the first time in about two years or so in preparation for attending our yearly writer’s conference. While getting some writing samples ready, I realized that, yes indeed, I have learned new things in the last two years. New things that I think can make this story into what I had hoped it would become. Amazing how what you think something will look like and what actually is written on the page turns out to be so different. I have spent the last eleven (thirteen if you count the two years I spent writing it in the first place) years trying to align what ended up on the page to the glorious tome I saw in my head. Hopefully this draft will put it just a little bit closer. I received a request from an editor to send in the full manuscript so I want it all sparkly and perfect…ish…before I mail it in.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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