Writing News

Writing News

This was the post I had slotted for today:

This week I critiqued several chapters for Jenn and revised the chapters of my novella ms. that she critiqued for me. Then I worked a little bit more on that novella trying to make it more romantic. Finally I opened up a manuscript that I haven’t revised thoroughly since 2010. I have revised the first 2 chapter for contests, but other then that the thing has just been moldering on my computer. Man the thing lookes terrible. But there is still a lot of potential and so in between edits with Jenn I am completely revising my Mexico story after a 2-4 year hiatus. Yikes, but I have learned a lot in that time, maybe it is salvageable.

But then I got a phone call on Monday. I thought it might be a telemarketer…but no it was Ane. Whom I have never met but whose name I see a lot online and in e-mails since she is the YA Genesis coordinator. I have entered ACFW’s Genesis contest for unpublished writers for several years, so has my critique partner Jenn. We seem to improve a little every time, but have always had to weather the May depression since we always learn that we have not semi-finaled…again.

Not this year!

This year I got a call from Ane and actually had the chance to scream and run around the house and call my husband and my mother and my sister-in-law and my best friend and tell them that this year I am a semi-finalist. Someone liked my writing. Probably 3 whole someone’s since I have had 2 out of the 3 judges like my story before, but still not semi-finaled. What could make that perfect day more perfect? If only Jenn my critique partner who has worked so hard with me, pointing out the errors in my story and still talking to me after I point out the errors in hers, if only Jenn were a semi-finalist too! And guess what?

Jenn semi-finaled as well!!!

And then my friend Mindy from the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association made me this:

Photo: I made something for you!  Congrats!

Which is totally awesome! I think my picture even looks better after she was done with it. Thanks Mindy.

So yep,

Actual writing news this week. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. I have until June 15th to keep hoping this year.



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  • Hooray!

  • Thanks so much Mama G. This is in no small part to all the times you have read over my entries for me. Thank you for your red pen!

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