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Valentine’s Day Trials

Princess Leia Freyja–Finds the Valentine Treats intended for Sweet Boy #3’s class and stakes them out, making sure they do not run off and get lost.

Sweet Boy#2–“You were young? I thought you were always old and shriveled like you are now!”

Sweet Boy#3–Is snuggling beside me and The Hunky Hubby bends over me to give him a hug, accidentally digging his fingernails into my arm. I say “ow” or something to that effect. Sweet Boy#3 is not satisfied with Dad’s hug. –“I want to give him a proper hug, where he’s not leaning over, digging his fingers into ladies arms!” I burst out laughing because he makes it sound like The Hunky Hubby is this evil villain rushing about terrorizing random women, instead of just a guy who accidentally hurt my arm on one occasion.

Sweet Boy#2–“Is that a sock lying limplessly on the ground?”

The Hunky Hubby– Interrupts a serious conversation with a joke. I groan and dive on him in a lighthearted attack. Yes, I might have pretended to strangle him, but I swear, I didn’t hurt him whatsoever. I promise! However, Princess Leia Freyja is not pleased! She rushes over and wiggles between us on the couch and then plops her head down on top of me to supervise me closely lest I attack him again. She is determined to bring peace and lays with her head on me for a long time, as though I might grow violent at any moment. What a sweet girl.

Sweet Boy#3–Hides my car keys inside the huge bag of dog food. I am of course running late the next time I drive and must rush inside and dig through the dog food to find my keys. The Hunky Hubby has officially passed on his peskiness to all three of our sons!

Valentine’s Day For Parents

  • The Hunky Hubby brings home dinner from Costco so I don’t have to cook, yay!
  • We force our 3 sons to watch “Ever After” with us during dinner. You know, the Cinderella story with Drew Barrymore.
  • We enjoy the movie while ignoring the groans and gagging noises and concerned words about maybe having to vomit.
  • One of our sons explained that he would rather do homework than watch a kissing movie.
  • Despite everything, the boys are drawn into the story, one even abandons his homework to come back for the finale.
  • As I lean over to kiss my Honey, our youngest cries out in horror, covering his eyes and cowering lest he witness our smooch.
  • The Hunky Hubby and I dance to the end credit music, very briefly, as our oldest jumps out of nowhere (I think he jumped off the arm of the couch) to tackle us mid-dance, lest the romantic moment last more than a nanosecond.
  • Valentine’s Day = many hilarious difficulties for parents but is worth every struggle. And yes, on Friday we’re going to hit a movie, while they are all in school!


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