Boy Quotes

The Tyrannical King, Mold, and Multi-Grain Breakfast

Pesky boys on a walk … which descended into snowball warfare


Sweet Boy#2–“I feel like a tyrannical king right now, looking upon my subjects with evil glee.”


Sweet Boy#1–“No moldy food can compare to the moldiness of Theo himself.”


Sweet Boy#2–“Ah, a garbage bag. How useful this will be in my endeavors!”


Sweet Boy#1–“I made a decision based on logic rather than emotions. Is there a problem with that?”


Sweet Boy#1 and Sweet Boy#2 to me–“Wake up! Wake up! It’s Snow! You owe us cinnamon rolls!!!”


Sweet Boy#2–Consumes straight salt

Sweet Boy#1–“We should get Theo a salt-lick and then we could get Brennan a sugar-lick and then for fun we could switch them!”


Momma–Singing a silly song to tune of Edelweiss–“Multi-grain, for your brain, cheerios at breakfast, multi-grain forever!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Please Stop!”

Momma–“Don’t you feel inspired?”

Sweet Boy#2–“I feel de-spired.”


Sweet Boy#2–“Resistance is fertile!”


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