The Week in Haiku

The Scaredy Bar

What is The Scaredy Bar?

Well, you know that bar above the passenger side door in a vehicle that is supposed to help you ease yourself into the seat if you have just broken your leg or are growing ancient? Well, there is another use for this handy grip. It can be used as a “Scaredy Bar” if one has had six inches of snow at ones house and one’s husband does not want to put on the snow tires because they work too well and he would not be able to “drift” around corners while driving the children down to the bus stop. Well, when one’s husband proceeds to “drift” around the aforementioned corners, one can grip this bar tightly and close one’s eyes while praying that life will indeed continue after this moment of terror. Thus the term “Scaredy Bar” was born as my sons joyously reenact my terror by gripping “The Scaredy” bars in the back seats and making somewhat mocking faces as they scream theatrically. So Much Fun! Here is a handy Haiku which expresses our fun-filled snowy drives.

Sliding, skidding ride

The Scaredy Bar will save me

Screams fall on deaf ears

How about one more to go with the photos of our lovely Larch (Tamerack) trees changing color with the coming of Autumn. I love deciduous conifers!

Falling needles drift

In a sunny, swirling wind

Bright and beautiful


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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