Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

The Great Wilks Family Adventure–Day 7 and Day 8

Yellowstone was closed down for the day due to wild fires. But that happened to be the day that we needed to take our van into the shop. Thankfully, there was a handy river, a bit of fishing, an ice cream shop and Grandma Judy to help make the day an adventure all its own.


Sweet Boy#1 Fishing


Sweet Boy#2 Fishing


Sweet Boy#3 Fishing


Us eating ritz crackers and peanut butter for dinner while roasting grass on the fire because all of our other food is in the van…which was in the shop. Thankfully, we were given a ride home to the yurt by one of the mechanics and his wife. The Lord really took good care of us despite all of the adventures.


Day 8–We packed up and waited to see if our van would be fixed in time for us to drive home.





It really was a wonderful home away from home.


Before my camera batteries died, I had just enough time to get a few pics of the boys enjoying the beautiful scenery.




At least I tried, right?


There’s only so much a photographer can do when her subjects are wild animals.








Ah, there we go. At this point my camera died. But our van was fixed and we got to see a huge moose and her calf walk right by our yurt before we left. We stopped for dinner before all the restaurants closed (we even got Chinese, yum!) and drove all night and made it home at 4:30 am so that our poor pup Leia could slurp us and wag like crazy and be so excited at our return that she kept squeaking her toy chicken and leaping up on our bed to trample us instead of letting us get any sleep. Adventures are wonderful but it is good to be home…and to sleep…and eat dinner! A special thanks to Grandma Judy for coming along on our amazing trip!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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