Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

More Sherlock Holmes for me this week. I read a wonderful creepy one about this nanny who was told she had to cut her long luxuriant hair in order to get this “perfect job” and when she arrived she found an identical braid of hair locked in a cupboard in her room. Only it wasn’t her braid. Creepy. And one with a strange face that kept appearing in a cottage window and one in which some schmuck takes a dream job only to be impersonated by vicious robbers at his old job. Oh and there was that one where some guy got his thumb crushed off by a giant machine in a random house in the country and then he couldn’t find the place again. I’m having a blast. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may have been an egotistical British racist, but man could he write! And to be fair, he does have at least one person of color who is noble and doesn’t murder anyone with a poisoned dart. Good times!


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