Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week was weird. I started a book at the lovely sister’s house, got half way through, but it was a library book so I left it there when we came home. Now I’ll have to order it from our library to finish up. It was the story of the polar bear king and his true love in novel form, titled Ice. Lots of fun, but very dramatic. And now I am mostly through Deception, a Christian detective novel that has a wonderful twisty plot. What did I learn from my reading this week. From the polar bear book, that when you read something to yourself it sounds much more plausible then when you read it aloud to a friend. Such as lines like: “No, I will not have your cub, I’m too young to be a mother.” I loved the book, but the high level of drama really reared its head when I attempted to discuss the plot with my lovely sister. And from the detective novel…there is a reason that writing instructors say one must only use one metaphor per page. They begin to sound hilarious if used slightly too much, and infuriating if used more than that. But despite the metaphors the plot is marvelous and at one point you are sure that every one of the characters committed the murder, even the protagonist. Very good. So I guess something else was pounded into my head as well. A writer can be really good at one thing and make some ridiculous mistakes on another area and still tell a good tale.


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  • mamagriffith

    dosnt a good plot just haunt you until you finish it??? I know it does with me. I think I might buy Ice. The dramma was a bit jr. high but I really loved the story elements the writer used.

  • Have you read “East”? That’s what polar bears make me think of… And “East” makes me think of “Til We Have Faces” 🙂

  • No I haven’t I’ll have to look at our library.

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