Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

This week I was once again reminded of the power of character in fiction. I re-red The Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson. I have read this book a lot. I know the plot. There are no surprises left. But I read it again and enjoyed it. Why?

Because I absolutely love the characters in this book. The protagonist, a forensic pathologist, is just so interesting and real. The hero, a U.S. marshal and cowboy, haunted by the murder of his father 20 years in the past, is intriguing. I love the characters and so in order to just hang out when them again, I am willing to read through a plot that I have memerized. Characters compel me to read. Now to create some marvelous characters of my own…easier read than done.

It’s Frappuccino Thursday.


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