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It is spring. At least we’re fairly sure. We did get 3″ of snow this week, but it melted off within a day, leaving the hard crunchy piles that are oh so slowly receding. Well as happens in the spring, the hunky hubby has gotten the itch to clean and this year he has a plan. One day a week (Thursday, pray for me), one room on that day, we shall clean and clean fastidiously. His weekend is during the week, so since he was helping me I really didn’t have any excuse, and so instead of fleeing to a monastery in the Himalayas, I agreed.

Well, Thursday dawned bright and wet and I made breakfast, and we ate, and I cleaned up a little, and the boys did school, and we went outside, and we came in and I put sweet boy #3 down for his nap, and all of a sudden it was 1:30 in the afternoon! Well then we started in earnest. But only between getting snacks and breaking up numerous brawls and of course  there were the wild leapings and breaking of random objects that is involved when they are playing nicely together, and then they decided to help.

Mainly this involved laying down in the hunky hubby’s pile of dirt that he was sweeping but they also scrubbed stools and the dog’s dresser (yes he has a small plastic dresser for his bones and brushes and other paraphernalia) and gave numerous bits of advice. Then I took off an hour to get them into bed and finally we were ready to get some real cleaning done.

Random dinning room items were moved and cleaned and de-cluttered and replaced and this all lasted for about two hours with the hunky hubby and I working in melodious synchronization. Then I began to become quite crabby and since it was “mostly” all clean, he just had to replace everything that we’d moved…cough cough, I abandoned him and ran screaming to our bedroom to collapse in a heap and dream happy things that did not involve scrubbing.

The next day when sweet boy #1 came and looked into the dinning room he exclaimed: “When I saw it last night, I did not think that it would be this tidy today!” So thank you hunky hubby. Our dinning room does indeed look fabulous. Although sweet boy #1 quickly noted the 3″ strip of wall that we accidentally failed to scrub. Don’t worry, I got it during lunch time, due to his initial horror and persistent encouragement to rectify that frightful error.


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