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April Fools Day was problematic in our household this year. The Hunky Hubby and I (when we actually remember the date) always try to trick one another and this year was no exception. But the stars were stacked against us.

First I noticed that The Hunky Hubby was missing during our school time. I was wanting to plan a prank and needed his location, so I called around. No luck. Well we finished school and the boys were causing mayhem in the living room while I attempted to clean our kitchen. It had been well over an hour since anyone had sited The Hunky Hubby. Suddenly I hear sweet boy #2 exclaim from the living room “Daddy!” before a new rush of wrestling ensued.

Apparently The Hunky Hubby had been hidden deep within our bean bags and blankies, waiting waiting for me to walk by so that he could burst forth and accost me. But then he got a cramp in his leg and moved just a millimeter. But, ever since his daddy day sweet boy #2 has had his daddy radar on full strength and he picked up the movement immediately. Ha ha, I thought. My prank is sure to surpass yours in every conceivable way.

Later that night I pulled my children around me in a conspiratorial huddle. Carefully we constructed two special “Grandma Cookies” for The Hunky Hubby. Now a standard “Grandma Cookie” is a graham cracker with frosting. Either two with frosting in the middle, or one with frosting and sprinkles. Carefully I spread Mayonnaise onto the graham crackers and topped them with a pretty layer of sprinkles. The boys kept wanting to taste but as I explained 12.6 times “This is a trick for daddy, it’s mayonnaise.” The time arrived for our prank and I sent sweet boys #1 and #2 toward The Hunky Hubby with “Grandma Cookies” in hand. They had careful instructions to give over the goods and spout “Here Daddy, because I love you.” All was going well, they held out the “Grandma Cookies” and The Hunky Hubby was smiling and reaching for them and then sweet boy #2 said his line:

“Here Daddy, because it’s mayonnaise.”

And our day of pranking came to a close with sweet boy #3 making a lunge for the “Grandma Cookie” and becoming enraged when he discovered that sweet boy #2 had indeed been telling the truth about the mayonnaise.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

3 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • Grandma Judy

    So, how did these particular treats get the name “Grandma Cookies”, I’m curious? What a fun story. Hope you have a wonderful Resurrection Day celebration. Is there enough bare ground to have the traditional hunt for eggs? Remember the yr. the snow was hip deep in front of Grammie’s house? Found eggs for months.

    Love to you.

  • Ha ha, Sweet Boy #2 got both of you!
    Kind of like the year I just turned 2 and my mom took me shopping to get a watch for my dad for Christmas. Well, she neglected to tell me it was surprise so when we got home that night I said “guess what Daddy, we bought you a watch!” and my mom just had to say “Merry Christmas!” 🙂

  • mamagriffith

    hey I finally posted my story….tell me what you think

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