Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m the crazy one of the family.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Mommy my precious…can I watch some TV now?”

When we hiked up to lake Valhalla the boys asked what Valhalla meant. I explained that it was the Vikings idea of heaven. When we finally topped the ridge and looked down upon this gorgeous alpine lake, Sweet Boy#3 said–“I think heaven is bigger than this.”

Sweet Boy#3–Was able to pick up his napkin with his toe and said–“It’s kinda like a prehensile toe!”

We were just about to leave for AWANA and The Hunky Hubby stopped to pat Shamu our Newfoundland dog. Sweet Boy#3–“Bye Shamu, You can’t come to AWANA because you don’t have a vest, you can’t do verses, and you can’t say anything.”


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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