God This Week

God This Week


The time had come. With tears in his voice, Sweet Boy#3 asked me to look for a new home for Puffus, his pet rooster. We didn’t really intend to buy a rooster, Puffus was supposed to be a little hen to replace the pet chicken that someone’s dog killed last year. But as Puffus grew and grew and it was clear that he was of the rooster variety. Sweet Boy#3 loved him all the same. He carried him into tree forts to snuggle and read books. He set him on his lap for snuggles and toted him around under his arm. Puffus grew into a large and beautiful bird. But a rooster’s job is to guard and protect the hens and Puffus took his duties very seriously. Once he was picked up, he would sit in the boys’ arms calmly for pets. But in his efforts to protect the hens, he started chasing the boys around the yard when they would go out to pet the chickens. It was finally too much and Sweet Boy#3 admitted what the rest of us had known for months. He needed a different pet, something not quite so fierce. He needed a hen. I ached inside, even though I had been hoping that my youngest would finally realize this. Could I find a home for this special rooster? We couldn’t just eat him, he was very well loved and important to the boys. I cried as I carefully took a lovely picture of Puffus to post to facebook. When I tucked the boys in that night I asked if they had any special prayer requests. Sweet Boy#3 started to say ‘no’ then he stopped. “Pray for a good home for Puffus.” We did. Then I posted the picture on facebook and prayed fervently for a home for our young rooster. Within one minute someone answered. She had a friend who was looking for a rooster! I messaged that friend. And guess what? She was wanting a rooster to protect her hens, which is exactly what Puffus was doing. We talked for some time and arranged to drive Puffus down when the lady’s chicks had feathered out. Puffus rides in the car fine if he is on a towel on a boy’s lap. And so once again the Lord has heard the cry of my heart. The cry of my little boy’s heart. Puffus has found a home, and will soon be doing what he does best.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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