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Gingerbread Houses

On Saturday the boys and I took an epic journey over two mountain passes and a couple of rivers in order to arrive at “Grandma Judy’s” house for our annual Gingerbread House Construction Extravaganza. After exuberant greetings all around we used huge globs of frosting to glue the house pieces together and then the decoration got underway. My oldest was a precise architect, making balenced patterns all across every conceivable surface on his house, even the lawns and little chocolate rock paths. My middle boy was a mix of wild creativity and careful patterning, and my littlest boy just stuck all sorts of yummy things on between big handfuls of “samples”. It was a marvelouse sugar filled day and one of the boys very favorite Christmas traditions. Right now they are home putting up a stocking four Shamu, our family dog. Once the month is finished who knows what our poor canine will find stuffed by small fingers down into the bottom of his decorative sock? Too much fun.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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