Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Daddy Adventure With Sweet Boy#3

It’s hard to believe, but our youngest is ten years old! As many of you know, when our boys turn ten, they get to go on a weekend long adventure, just them and Dad!

First stop, a night at a neighboring camp on the West-side, where they got to stay in their own cabin!

They ate dinner at Omega Pizza, where the Hunky Hubby took Sweet Boy#3’s brothers. They got spaghetti, a calzone, and yummy cheesecake.


Of course no visit to Cedar Springs is complete without jumping on their giant pillow thing.

Then it was time to catch the ferry for Lopez Island in the San Juans.

Of course, every ferry ride is made even better with a yummy snack.

Next, the brave explorers set up their tent and camping gear.


Notice those amazing hand-crafted cat pillowcases. After getting their things in order they enjoyed the lovely moss and foliage, survived an injury, and set out to find … .





The library!

Sweet Boy#3 took many amazing pictures of the books and paintings and porcupines that were there to be found in those hallowed halls. Some of them are included here for your enjoyment.




Sweet Boy#3’s first malt!

A lovely and scenic road. Sweet Boy#3 took many many lovely scenery photos. So many! I have included just a few.

Down to the beach!

Of course, Sweet Boy#3 also took photos of his dad.

And various and sundry shells, crabs, pieces of kelp, and beach items.


Of course there was time for wiffle ball.







Some weird cracked mud!


A cool fort.

And finally it was time to pack up and head to Grandma Judy’s house.

But not before climbing some trees.




Encountering the local wildlife

Testing out the playground equipment

Watching the cows and sheep pass by

and finally catch that ferry one more time. It was a near thing. They were in line for the ferry when they were informed them that the ferry would be full a few cars in front of them. But someone else’s misfortune was their good luck as a car broke down ahead of them and then the ferry workers squeezed on several more cars than they thought they would be able to.

The ferry ride home was equally exciting.

Why rush off to Grandma Judy’s? Many reasons … one of which was homemade crepes!

The next day they hit a movie and visited a trampoline park, wherein The Hunky Hubby hurt his back, but Sweet Boy#3 had a marvelous time. Who am I kidding, The Hunky Hubby had a great time too … up until the whole unexpected agony part.

Both Dad and Son were exhausted by the end of the trip but all in all it was a smashing success. More smashing for some (and their spines) than for others.





I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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