Harrowing/Heartwarming Parent Moment of the Week

Mother’s Day Mayhem!

We had a huge celebration at camp the day before, so going into Mother’s Day everyone was exhausted. But this didn’t stop Sweet Boy#2 from informing me that he was taking over the kitchen. “What do you want, Mom?” he asked. “Quiche?” I tentatively said. I love quiche, but no one else in the family has ever baked it before. Not so this year! The Hunky Hubby hung out in the general vicinity of the kitchen (quite possibly playing games with our oldest) in case of uncontrollable flames, and my middle son proceeded to make the most fabulous apple sausage quiche ever!

Then Sweet Boy#1 sliced fresh strawberries and Sweet Boy#3 made coffee. Yum!

And delivered it to me in bed. Then everyone clambered onto the mattress and hardly spilled anything at all. Then off to church and afterwards for our annual Mother’s Day Hike!

With The Hunky Hubby’s recent stay in the cardiac ward, we can’t go on hikes with hills until mid July. But luckily this lovely four mile loop is fairly flat.

Then of course we had to force the boys to take a photo with their mother.

Apparently, this was pure torture.

Then with dog in hand, we were finally on our way.

I want to point out that all three boys started this hike in shoes. Yes, like the good parents that we stumble around attempting to be, we provided socks and good footwear for our three sons. This foot protection lasted all of fifteen minutes of course.

A small island was immediately spotted off the side of the trail. Oh, look, a log spanning a terribly dangerous bit of rushing water!

After some consideration, we boosted the dog up and crossed the precarious perch as a family.

Yes, we all lived to each lunch upon the island. Even Leia, who was very concerned about the whole thing. Our Princess Newfoundland knows an un-swimable creek when she sees one.

The Hunky Hubby got flavored cream cheese (salmon and blueberry) and pita chips for our lunch and we enjoyed skipping rocks and nibbling treats in our hard won island lunch location.

Sweet Boy#1

Sweet Boy#2 and Leia

Sweet Boy#3

Barefoot on the rocks … which led to a general state of barefootedness that the boys assured us “wouldn’t hurt at all!”

Yep, I was there, too.

Princess Leia Freyja watched all of this with great concern. The water was rushing and powerful and while we kept the boys out of the deep water, even a few inches seemed to be enough for her to worry for her boys.

Yes, the oldest two hit the trail barefoot. We are not sure why, but they were desperate to try and you know … natural consequences? This caused quite a few other hikers to grimace and gasp and say things like “My feet hurt just looking at them.” But nonetheless they carried their shoes and socks in their backpacks and hiked almost all of the four miles barefoot.

The trail was not short on rocks either.

The boys looking down at the treacherous Icicle River from the bridge. Now, later in the year, we float The Icicle all the time, down by blackbird Island. But here, this time of year, it is better to simply enjoy the view.

At the lookout, where one can gaze down upon the river, or scowl because one’s father is forcing one to actually look at the camera!

A boy and his dog. Most of the time, Leia did really well, but Sweet Boy#3 does weigh less than she does and I foolishly told him to put his hand through the loop to get a good grip. Well, Sweet Boy#1 was traveling so quickly (barefoot) that he went around a corner and out of Leia’s sight.

She was horrified! Obviously, wild running and whines were required to rectify this dangerous situation. And so she took off, dragging Sweet Boy#3 behind her.

I took over leash holding for a bit and we informed Sweet Boy#1 that the Puppy Princess was deeply concerned about his absence. In fact, Sweet Boy#3 wasn’t too thrilled about it either.

We stopped to wade a second time and our youngest decided to hike barefoot with his brothers.

Rock hopping with Sweet Boy#2.

It’s moments like this that make me so grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest.

Time for a brief rest and a snack and a chance for Leia to bark.

I realized that this is the first hike we’ve taken as a family where our youngest failed to sidle up to The Hunky Hubby and grab his hand for part of the hike. It’s so bittersweet. I love how they are growing up … and I hate it as well. Yet, as I look at our oldest in this picture, walking beside his dad, and I realize that there are many good things about raising young men. Just as there are so many joys in raising little boys. This was also the first hike where the three boys each carried all of our gear (snacks, water, lunch, emergency kit) in their backpacks and The Hunky Hubby and I were left to simply enjoy hiking.

Barefoot Boys

Of course our oldest couldn’t resist climbing on this log for the picture.


I kept trying to make them space out perfectly going around this corner. My youngest might have been just a bit frustrated, although my middlest looks happy.

We made it to the end! Time to go home and enjoy a yummy and easy dinner (spinach ravioli from Costco, yum!) and reading out loud from the book we’re reading as a family (Winter) in the car. It was such a wonderful Mother’s Day. Thanks to the boys’ and Hunky Hubby’s baking, slicing, coffee brewing, and wild corralling talents.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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