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The boys got glow-in-the-dark stars for their ceiling on Christmas. I finally put them up today. We even got out sweet boy #1’s astronomy book and put up five different constellations as well as some random stars, star clusters, and even some hanging stars.  Of course we had to put the constellation Orion right over his bed because it includes one of the largest stars we know about, Betelgeuse. Which is simply cool because it would engulf Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars (some argue Jupiter as well) if placed in the center of our solar system and because it can be pronounced Beetle-juice according to Tim Burton and the hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy. Much fun for our young astronomers. Although I think I accidentally made Betelgeuse a binary star system instead of Sirius so I’ll have to bust out the sticky tac and fix that. Oops.


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  • Hannah

    sirius is my favorite star – it is so sparkly ^_^

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