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Just in case you all are in the dark, I have an announcement to make. Our family has officially become a gale force tropical disaster. I visited my best friend for two days this week. My very tidy, very organized, very germ and Teflon conscious friend. I’m not sure her home and mental health will ever be the same.

The moment we walk through the door, sweet boy #3 toddled over to her glossily polished hope chest, seized a silver candle stick, and proceeded to swiftly bash the glorious finish with this newly acquired weapon. What followed was a frantic dash around the house gathering up candles and vases and decorative dangers of all kinds before my sweet offspring could inflict further damage.

There were many adventures in those two short days. But what stands out in my mind is the last hour that we were there while I was attempting to pack. Much wildness occurred. Particularly when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I returned they had emptied an entire bookshelf and were sitting in triumph on its contents. I had to put sweet boy #3 in his backpack for he was stealing books faster than I could replace them. When I finally completed re-shelving the books I foolishly attempted to open the blinds. I tripped. The little stick thingy that is supposed to aid you in scooching the blinds aside, fell off in my hand and I fell over into her china cabinet. It was mortifying. I had to call her husband to replace the little stick and also inform him that my boys had wedged a little swimmer guy into the mouth of the toy shark in their restroom and I could not remove him from its jaws.

But despite our “wrecking ball of doom” status, it was so good to see my best friend. I just hope that our visit doesn’t cause permanent damage. I mean more permanent damage then what was already unleashed upon the hope chest, shark, mickey mouse ears, muffin pan…


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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