Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn from my reading this week?

There is something soothing about reading an old favorite. Now I don’t purchase very many books, but once in awhile a series seizes me with titanium claws and I must have it. On such occasions I put these glorious tomes on my birthday/Christmas list and the hunky hubby always comes through. That is why I (cheapskate that I am) actually own several beautiful hard cover books. This week I re-read two of my favorites and I am amazed at how quickly you get lost in a story that you know by heart. I was instantly swept away. Laughing at my friends antics, failings, heroics, loves and hates. I know these people. I love these people. And it is so good to spend time with them again.

So…what do you prefer? Would you rather discover a bran new book friend. Forge a new fictional relationship. Something that you had never imagined before. Or would you prefer to visit an old friend that you know better than some of your actual flesh and blood relatives?

My position is officially this: If life is normal and I am healthy, I like to try new things. But if I have a big block of reading time that I know is approaching (a reading day or car trip) or I am sick, then I definitely want to visit an old friend.

What say you?


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2 thoughts on “Reading Tai-Bo

  • mamagriffith

    it has to be years before I will go back and read a book unless it held an amusing enough plot. same with movies. i have to give myself some time to forgett before I can remember

  • I have a couple of favorites that I read almost every year. And not all of them are even all that well written. I just happen to like them and they even remind me of different stages of my life. You gotta love books.

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