Writing News

Writing News

This week, thanks to my linguistically talented Aunt Liz and her wonderful parents, I added six pages worth of Spanish dialogue to my manuscript. They translated 55 sections for me and now I have an awesome amount of Espanol in the story. I have one character who speaks almost exclusively in Spanish, so this was a vital part of the writing process and so fun to see come alive on the page. Although it is difficult to tell whether a feisty Mexican matron would actually whisper to her disobeying grandson that he is going to wish his grandma was something calm and gentle like a crocodile with a nail wedged in it’s foot if he disobeys again. But they found the words for all of my foolishness, and in my head, she would say it. 

 Then I gathered up my paper-clipped pile of story ideas and took a couple of days to add them all to my computer in the proper “idea file” for whatever story I was imagining. All of the random scraps with scenes and character descriptions scribbled in near indecipherable scratches, were really taking up some desk space. It’s nice to get it all in the computer where I can know for sure that I will be able to read it. A good week altogether.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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  • Out of curiosity… for those who don’t speak Spanish are you going to translate a bit or are you going to put in enough context in the responses and such that people will get the gist of what they’re saying?

  • The other character reactions should give enough to go on. Other than that they’ll just have to find a friend who speaks Spanish or suffer.

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