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Wilks Family Gains Wealth of Winter Gloves!

We have gloves. Yes yes I know what you’re thinking. “Kristen, you live in the glorious cascades of course you have gloves. You must have a plethora of gloves lying about your house and upon your stairs and on top of the sleeping dog, cluttering your small living space and causing innocent bystanders to trip and plunge to their doom at the most inopportune moments.” And you would be right. But those are not the “right” type of gloves.

We now have “Nirvana” gloves. Gloves of mythic import. Gloves of another realm. The Holy Grail of Gloves.

Let me explain about our current horde of gloves. They are mostly the stretchy kind, the one size fits all child gloves and mittens that come in large packs and soak up snow at an alarming rate. We also have several others that are more substantial but I keep losing one of a pair and then we have these wonderful fleece ones that everyone wants to wear. But for some reason unknown we only have three. No not three pairs, three gloves.

And then one day I came to a startling revelation. The boy who wore the mythical fleece mittens was the one who wanted to play for hours out of doors and the poor sad boy who got the ordinary gloves was the one who wanted to rush inside and take a warm bath and sip cocoa. At first I just though that Sweet Boy #2 got colder than Sweet Boy #1 despite his huskier physique. But then one day I realized that Sweet Boy #1 was always rushing ahead of his brothers and snagging the mythical fleece mittens. So I made them switch for a few days out of a maternal sense of fairness. And low and behold it was Sweet Boy #1 who was rushing indoors for cocoa.

I felt like the most wretched mother in the four closest solar systems, making them wear those silly stretchy things when there were “Nirvana” mittens to be had. So the hunky hubby hopped online and as he always does. Found a tremendous sale. $12 gloves for $6 if you got purple. And they are fleece. And they have long snow guard arm thingies that go way up their arms under their coats so that the boys poor little wrists don’t get frost bitten. We have found them. The mythical, Nirvana, Holy Grail mittens of Glory!

And they just arrived today, and snow is falling outside my window. The boys are sleeping now, but you can be certain that once they awaken, and eat, and go to church, and shop for groceries, and eat again, and use the bathroom 5.2 times, that we will immediately head for the bountiful drifts that God has so generously provided upon the very day of our “Nirvana” gloves arrival!


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2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • Whoo-hoo for gloves!!!!
    Enjoy that snow with warm hands, boys! 🙂
    I have heard nothing but wonderful and amazing things about how God worked in the lives of our students and staff up with you all this last weekend. I know it must be extra challenging to do what you do, but I thank you for investing those difficult aspects of your life to make that wonderful place available and ready to be a special time away where kids can really stop to hear what God is talking to them about! (Wow- do I get a special award for longest run-on sentence in a comment? 🙂 )

  • You do get an award! It’s… uh… how about a snowman shaped like Shamu! But seriously. Thanks. I’m so glad they had a wonderful time and that the setting was the perfect place to meet with God. It’s always so encouraging to hear these stories.

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