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The Hunky Hubby and I spent a ridiculous amount of prayer and angst over where to send Sweet Boy#1 for school. God was very clear and we obeyed and it has all gone pretty well, but there was one thing we didn’t consider as we were busy fretting and wallowing. What if Sweet Boy#1’s educational and social needs were not the only thing our Lord was considering when He gently…ish nudged us toward sending our boy to public first grade? What if our little guy was needed there?

The Hunky Hubby and Shinobi picked him up from school this week and as is often the case, The Hunky Hubby asked our eldest how school went, how the bus ride went etc… Sweet Boy #1 in answering his question, casually mentioned that he sat on the bus by a little girl who was crying. Her family was having troubles and she was being teased. And my little boy listened, was a friend. He is always so logical and analytical, but he listened and I am so very proud of him. Many many nights I have rested my hand on his head as he slept and prayed that he will have someone to sit with on the bus, make a best friend who loves God, become someone who hears God’s voice. But this made me step back and wonder. What if him being on that bus is an answer to prayer, for some other anxious mom, worried about her little girl.

I don’t know? What do you think?


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    Wow, I totally missed this posting until today, Friday. I think you’re right. There are so many unseen things that the Lord’s purposes touch. We are so privileged to catch a glimpse of them now and then. The fact that you recognized it is wonderful and shows that you had ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’. So often I’m just racing through life and don’t get those insights from the Lord that I know are there.

    Love to you.

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