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For the past two years Sweet boy #1 has been a cubbie in Awana. And each Wednesday as he left with the hunky hubby sweet boy #2 has cried and morned his going. Not this year. This year sweet boy #2 is a cubbie! He was so proud to go, so happy and exited. And it was sweet boy #3 who was left behind.

He pointed at the stairs: “Brothers, Daddy?” he was spooked easily and kept peering down our hallway pointing his little finger and squeaking out: “Noise?” in a frightened little voice. But we did make cookies together, just us. No one pushed him off the stool stirring too vigorously, he got to add all of the ingredients, and I even let him lick the beater. But going to bed without his brothers was difficult, I had to turn on an extra light. All in all a great Awana night, but I never realized how much my fierce little boy relied on his brothers for feeling safe and secure. The wolf pack was meant to be together.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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