Reading Tai-Bo

Reading Tai-Bo

What did I learn from my reading this week?
That sometimes a story is more satisfying when a character makes a terrible personal sacrifice than when everything turns out fairytale perfect. This week I read Jane by April Lindner. It is a modernization of Jane Eyre in which Jane falls in love with a rockstar. And I really enjoyed this book, the pace was good, the story interesting. I understood why she fell in love with her employer, even though he was much much older than her. But the book really got interesting for me when she finds out that he is still married to his insane wife and decides that the honorable thing to do is to leave. It was the personal integrity of the character that makes you root for her. Now of course there is a happy ending in this version and I’m guessing that the Jane in the original did not sleep with her forbidden lover. But all in all it was a good enjoyable read.
It’s Frappuccino Thursday.


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    I keep clicking on your link and it wont take me to freppuccino Thursday

  • Argh! It does that sometimes when I blog on my laptop instead of Daryl’s computer.

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