Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


Oh, that’s not enough context for you to appreciate this quote. Well then, here is the story.

There was a wedding up at camp this last weekend. One of our beloved counselors, Donkey Kong (DK for short), was marrying her true love. If you count our one-year-old Newfoundland puppy as our youngest child, then I had three children who did not want to attend the wedding and one who very passionately did. I caught one of the boys fairly quick and dragged him down (book in hand) to the meadow for the ceremony. But where were the other two boys. I knew that our “daughter” was locked in the house curled up at the door awaiting our return. I tromped around the edge of the meadow, shouting the boys’ names into random bushes and clumps of trees. They had hidden in the woods during weddings in the past. Finally, my red-head slumped out of the forest and took his place beside me. The other one was no where to be found…until after the wedding when he too crept out of the trees. He assured me that he had watched the wedding from where he was hidden. The boys then brought Princess Leia Freyja down from the house where she dragged whoever had the end of her leash around, snorked cake off the ground, and leaped up high in the air so that she could lick the face of a baby that some inconsiderate mother was holding out of reach. I sent her home. Just as twilight had taken hold of the meadow and the forest was shrouded in shadow, I sent the boys home as well. As I said goodbye to the bride and groom and finally followed my family up the dark, twisty path, someone shouted “Wolf!” A black shape came barreling down the trail toward us. Wedding guests gasped in horror and scrambled out of the way. But then a trio of boys followed the savage beast, laughing as she gallumped into me and slurped me with wild abandon. Yes, our furry child was lose once more and determined to find some cake and kiss that baby one more time. So there you have it. The quote for the week. “Wolf!”


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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