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Breaking News

Sweet Boy#3 had his Daddy Day this week. This is one of the most wonderful things that The Hunky Hubby does. I schedule them on the calender so that Daddy and Momma days are evenly distributed, but the Hunky Hubby makes them wonderful. If things don’t turn out quite right…say someone gives me 5 errands to run while I’m trying to do a Momma Day with the boys and we end up hoofing it all over town exhausted and frustrated…I tend to grumble. But The Hunky Hubby makes everything fun. Sweet Boy#3 wanted to buy a toy fishing pole with his Christmas $. So they wandered from store to store until they finally had success at the Dollar Tree. Sweet Boy#3 had a blast, just because he got to hang out with his Daddy. They ate lunch at McDonald’s and had coffee and cocoa together at the Coffee Cabin. He came home feeling like Daddy’s special boy. I notice that each boy always sticks a little bit closer to their Dad in the weeks that follow a Daddy Day. They hang on him and wrestle and snuggle him more. It is so neat to hear them brag to their brothers “I did…on my Daddy day!” Thank you Hunky Hubby.


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4 thoughts on “Breaking News

  • Grandma Judy

    I love your Hunky Hubby and am so impressed by what a GREAT DADDY he is! He is God’s gift to you for sure.

    Love to you.

  • He is unequivocally wonderful isn’t he.

  • Samantha Tsao

    Sounds like Sweet Boy #3 had fun!

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