Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“The dentist has to pull out 8 of your teeth for you to get sharkteeth.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Here’s ducky. He’s so tender to fly.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Hey, your walking on the tender fishies!”–Which are a pile of pillows strewn about the floor.

Sweet Boy#2–“It’s easy enough as biting a sandwhich.”

Momma–“Say sorry.”
Sweet Boy#3–“Ribitt.” Spoken in a nice falsetto.
Momma–“Say sorry.”
Sweet Boy#3–“No, ribbit in a girl’s voice is ‘Sorry’.”

Sweet Boy#1–“Momma, when I smell heat there’s a particular feeling in my nose.”

The boys have a huge argument (screaming and yelling and crying at one another on the drive to the school bus) about whether or not Sweet Boy#2 is capable of swallowing a “small black hole”.

Sweet Boy#1 and #2 have a heated argument about whether the wardrobe in Grammy’s hospital room leads into a magical world.
Sweet Boy#1–“See, I’ll prove that it doesn’t.” Closes the closet door and opens it with a self-righteous smile on his face.
Sweet Boy#2–“It doesn’t work when your inside.” The little brother “ha ha” look firmly on his mouth.


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