Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m your pet tortilla bat.”

Sweet Boy#3–Is playing “Lego Cook”–“Where there’s fire in the bowl and we put the legos in and push the handle down and put the lid on and check the timer…the fruit’s done! Wanna see this fruit catch on fire where it’s burning, watch it’s going to go up to the roof!”

Sweet Boy#3–Making beds with Momma–“Momma, could we buy an iron?”
Sweet Boy#3–“To make it all flat.”
Now you will know whose brilliant idea this was when the magic bed-iron becomes a household must-have.

Sweet Boy#3–In the tub. “Why is my tatoo coming off?”
Sweet Boy#2–“You have to bee a teenager to have a tatoo inside you.”

Sweet Boy#3–Jumps out of the bathtub, runs into the living room soaking wet and gives our bean bag couch several fierce kicks. “Wow, I’m tough!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Shiver my timbers, shiver my eyeball, shiver my pet floating eyeball, shiver my mutant guinie pig.”


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  • Samantha T

    A bed-iron actually isn’t a bad idea…

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