Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Theo–Walks into the kitchen with a cheery grin, grabs a hand towel off the oven door, and wipes the sweat from under his arms with it.

Me–I stare, blinking at my middle son. “Put that in the dirty clothes, please,” I whisper.

Theo–“Oh, I was going to put it back.”

Oh, my! The perils in a house full of teenage sons abound!


Me–“Put on something other than pajama pants for a walk.”

Brennan–“Why? There’s no snow.”

Me–“The road is kind of overgrown.”

Brennan–“Your face is overgrown … with nose hairs!”

Yes, they think they are so hilarious. At least I got him into hiking clothes, ha!

Me–“You let her take my slipper?”

Scruffy–“She’d been locked in the bathroom and came straight out, picked up your slipper, and went outside. She’d had such a trauma, I didn’t want to take it from her. It was her comfort slipper.”

Me–“It’s my comfort slipper and now its all icy.”

Scruffy–“Leia, why didn’t you bring Momma’s slipper back in?”

Theo–“Sound always feels weird to me. It bounces off my eyes and it makes llamas.”

Theo–“Canada is a better version of Australia.” Hmmm … Geography has failed us.

Theo–“If they have cannons, they might as well have blimps with cannons!”

Princess Leia Freyja–Puts her paws up on the counter so that she can take a large bite out of the ridgeline of Theo’s gingerbread house.


Me–“How about some breakfast?”

Theo–“Breakfast is for the living.”

Me–“Then what are you?”

Theo–“Not living … because I’m not playing video games!”

Well, if the zombie apocalypse comes, we will know why.

We heard Judah coming up the stairs and I started singing a “horrible” song that rhymed and was pretty amazing (although I have forgotten the words) and then right as my sons are cringing at my undue cheerfulness and rhyming aptitude, I pause to find a rhyme with “hide.” As Judah and Brennan breath a sigh of relief that my singing is over, Theo smirks and finishes my song: “With his mom he could not abide!” 

Well, at least it rhymed!!! 



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