Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“Kitty monsters look like octopuses, but they say Meow and kitty monsters can fly.”

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m pretending to be a speedy, which is a very helpful kind of bat monster. Speedies use their sharp teeth to cut down trees and make houses.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Kitty monsters use their sharp wings to cut down seeds and make houses.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Bat monsters love ketchup and peanut butter mixed together.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Lightning Sharks’ feeding frenziez is very wild.”

Sweet Boy#2–Talking to Daddy after seeing Stoik the Vast on How to Train Your Dragon. “You should grow a big beard like that and then you would be so cool!”

Sweet Boy#2–“There’s a kind of bat monster called clogger, because it shoots clogger mold at its victims.”

Sweet Boy#2–Made a prayer journal in Cubbies where they filled in the blanks. “I thank God for… being my Savior. Dear Lord thank you for…babies. Dear Lord help me to be kind to…everybody. Dear Lord help me to do…clean-up. Dear Lord help me not to…dump my food under the table.” Important prayers all.


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