Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–As I was making breakfast–“I don’t want oatmeal, I want chicken noodle soup!”

Sweet Boy#2–“I’m pretending my sleeping bag is a poison lava suit.”

Sweet Boy#3–Uses infallible logic to prove a point–“That’s because the heaters on, see…(grabs my face and points it toward the heater) there’s a whisker in it.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Mine super lava slippers!”

Sweet Boy#3–was having trouble with a jammed nerf gun–“There’s jelly on the top of it.” Get it…jammed…his gun was jammed…jelly… Ha, such a smart boy.

Sweet Boy#3–“You hurt my feelings. Right here.” Points at his elbow.

And finally, with the Hunky Hubby’s full approval.

Sweet Boy#1–Was shopping with Daddy and chooses some granny smith apples–“They’re fatter than normal apples…like you Daddy.”


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