Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–Speaking to Zoe–“Your hair is mine!!! Your hair is mine to snuggle.”

Momma–“Did you lose any pieces of that game?”
Sweet Boy#3–“I sunk the dog in my oatmeal.”

Sweet Boy#3–The boys got some cool grenade water-balloons as a gift. But as it is right at freezing outside I told them to wait until it was warmer, but my youngest had a solution to the onset of winter–“I want to put the heater outside and turn it on.”

Sweet Boy#2–“There was a farmer who had a dog…”
Sweet Boy#3–…and Disobey was his name O’.”

Sweet Boy #3–“I’m good at snuggles.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I love Momma a hundred.”

Sweet Boy#2–“One day the world will be covered with my hair.”–He is growing his hair out.


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    and disobey is his name o…thats funny

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