Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

The Hunky Hubby got some really cool cave pieces in the mail. They are small chunks of painted plastic that you can use to build a game board for playing cave games. They are really fun and the boys immediately got out ceramic chickens and plastic snakes to populate the world they built. Then each boy constructed his own cavern. But someone put the ceramic rooster into Sweet Boy#3’s area.

Sweet Boy#3–“Hey, I don’t want a giant chicken in my cavern!”–Not a sentence you hear every day.


So, I was taste testing some Greek recipes for a story and cooked for many hours yesterday. One of the recipes was for Greek butter cookies. Some ants crawled up onto the counter and I tried to take care of them all, but apparently when I looked the other way, 2 of them crawled nearby and I kneaded them into the cookie dough.  Of course the boys found them. They were horrified and none of my assurances about how much protein ants actually contain would comfort them. They scowled down at the cookies.

Sweet Boy#2–“What are those black spots?”

Momma–“Those are almonds.”

Sweet Boy#2–“And ants.”

Well, I guess I couldn’t argue with that. Argh! All of that baking wasted. I hate ants…although the cookies were really yummy, even with the ants. If you don’t mind a recipe that turned out to be more exotic than I intended then you should stop by, we still have some left.


Here we are with our Frappes and cookies…before they found the ants.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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