Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2 rushes to the potty to pee. He says: “Phew” and wipes his palm across his brow, “I almost had an accident” just as he is distracted mid-pee by a moth and accidentally squirts on the wall.

All 3 boys–“A waffle-headed monster!” Running and screaming.

The boys caught a crane fly

Sweet Boy#2–“I named him crainah”

Sweet Boy#1–“No, I named him crainy.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Crainah is his camp name.”

Sweet Boy#2–“My peaches are water…milklogged. My peaches are creamlogged in my tummy.”

Sweet Boy#2–“My owie goes past my blood-shell.”

We were discussing how God made flowers

Sweet Boy#2–“I just pick them before God knows.”


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  • Grandma Judy

    A Crane fly with a camp name, very creative. I bet God is smiling about the flowers :o)

    Love to you.

  • And I’m just laughing out loud at the very first line. Don’t I know how that works too well!!!

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