Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“Even they found wine in Tigersharks!”–Discussing the many strange items discovered inside the stomachs of sharks.

Sweet Boy#2–Daddy pokes him with his finger–“Ow, I’m tender…but also strong. I’m big for my size…but also small.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I wetened your shirt with my wet tentacles.”–He dried his hands on my shirt after washing them.

Sweet Boy#3–I explain that the musician Fernando Ortega is from Mexico (and Wisconsin) and my boy sagely nods and replies–“Jesus is from every Island.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Fishy, fishy, fishy, he lost his voice box.”

Sweet Boy#3–Needs to blow his nose, I hand him a handkerchief–“Thanks Momma, for bringing a hanky .”

Sweet Boy#3–Is listening to music machine and has theological differences with the lyrics of a song–“All things aren’t possible!” He exclaims with righteous indignation. This is definitely a boy who has spent far too much of his immagination on games with an older brother who is constantly telling them what is scientifically possible for their immaginary creatures to attempt.

Sweet Boy#3–“Can I help you wash dishes?…Can I fold clothes…I want to vacuum!” –Momma’s helper

Sweet Boy#3–“I like to bite eyes!”

Sweet Boy#2–“I think my strawberry juice looks like blood.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Dear God, Thank you for our food and for me so much wanting to snuggle Momma.”–It’s nice to be appreciated.

Sweet Boy#3–“What if a bomb blew up the whold ocean?”

Sweet Boy#3–During a trip to the public restroom–“The potty’s magnifiscent…what’s magnifiscent mean again?”


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