Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“At the age I’m a boy, I’ll wrestle the long parts of my hair off. That’s when I’ll be a boy who is grown up.”

Sweet Boy#3–“I want a go poop someday.”

Sweet Boy#2–“Daddy doesn’t know the rules of tooting. When you toot you say: ‘excuse me’. Yes, that’s how you do it.”

We were reading the frog prince and I asked each boy if they would rather kiss a frog and have it turn into a little girl or kiss a frog and have it turn them into a frog. I had one vote for each option until I got to Sweet Boy#3 who said: “No, I want the frog.” and grabbed the book and kissed the frog. Apparently one should not go messing with things when they are just exactly right.

Sweet Boy#2–“I poked my finger through my ear, into my mouth.” Shows with motions how his digit managed to traverse his ear canal and plunge through his brain and end up next to his molars…Amazing!

The hunky hubby was telling a tale in which each boy had a talent. Speed, Strength, and sharp eyes. Sweet Boy#3 elaborated–“I just brushed mine sharp eye.”

Sweet Boy#3–“Mine toe is pretty grubby Momma.”


Sweet Boy#1–“That seal has been injured.”

Hunky Hubby–“Uh huh.”

Sweet Boy#2 looks at hunky hubby, taking the slightly unresponsive glaze over his eyes to be ignorance–“Injured means owies.”

Sweet Boy#1–Said with superiority and disgust–“He knows what injured means!”


Sweet Boy#3’s favorite color is green. I was trying to get him to say this for his great grandma.

Momma–“What is green?”

Sweet Boy#3–“It’s mine size.”


Sweet Boy#3 trying out a new blanky–“This is a itchy one. Poisen animals on it.”


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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