Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes





Brennan–“I will use your family’s tears to boil my ramen!”



Brennan–“Who does that?” –Staring at his toothbrush, plunged into the top of a hamburger bun along with other random items.

Theo–“It’s Art!”


Epona–“Word Girl is in a universe like The Tick.”

Theo–“I would like to be a supervillain in that world.”

Epona–“You kind of are. There’s a villain named Theodore Toby McCallister lll, who wants to take over the world with–“

Epona and Theo together–“Robots!”

Theo–“My robots would be controlled by brains in jars.”

And I ask again, how concerned should I be. The boy has decided to concentrate on the sciences. Hmmm … .


Theo–“There are two voices in my head and they both want cake.”



Me–“We should name that weird noise you make.”

Brennan–“Like … a dolphin howl!”


Brennan–“So, ha ha! I put on my hat in distain.” 


Scruffy–Drops salsa on floor. “It’s OK, see, it landed on the lid.”

No one is convinced.


Brennan–“There’s a spider hanging right above the rolls!”

Scruffy–“We’ve had Ant Cookies, now we can have Spider Bread.”

Me–“I don’t approve of Spider Bread.

Scruff–“What if we put Floor Salsa on it?”


Scruffy–“What is the loudest sound in the world?”

Brennan–“Your sneeze?”

Me–“Good guess.”



Me–“What would be a good side dish with Hamburgers?”

Theo–“Dr. Pepper!”


Me–Said with a touch of despair–“Is there any way you like eggs?”

Brennan–“I do eat the core of the egg planet, if they’re hardboiled.”


Theo–“Old World Problems: To Be or Not to Be! Modern World Problems: To Shower or Not to Shower!”


Sentences you never thought you’d utter.

Me–“Honey, don’t threaten people with the vacuum.”















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