Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes


I started volunteering in the boys’ classes this week and a little boy who sits close to Sweet Boy#2 was quite chatty when I came to visit. “You’re (sweet boy#2’s) Mom? Your son , he’s a really nice boy. He helps people with math and stuff.” He then went on to tell me all about this tough math problem that Sweet Boy#2 had nailed and started up a conversation with a boy across the room about the solving of that particular equation. I was very proud of my son, the helper and mathematician, and impressed that this little guy sitting beside him must have the gift of encouragement.

Sweet Boy#2–“Instead of ‘Frank’s 2,000 in TV…Leia’s 2,000 inch tongue.” Weird Al songs are applicable to every element of your life!

Sweet Boy#3–“I burped a bunch and if you added up all my burps today, it would sound like thunder!”

One of the boys leaped around the hall corner at me and flicked water in my face. When I scowled at him, he said: “Blame it on Daddy. He brought me up as a pranker.” I think that I will…yes indeedy, I think that I will.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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