Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“I don’t like hiccups because it disturbs your talking.”–He does love to talk.

The Hunky Hubby gets me the writing clothes I requested for Christmas–Black Yoga pants and soft long-sleeved T-shirts. Sweet Boy#1 stumbles out of the boy’s bedroom and stares at me…”You look nice.”–Wow, a compliment from my 10 year old. Surely these new writing clothes will inspire great prose…if they can bring a compliment from a 10 year old, anything is possible.

Sweet Boy#1–Playing on the boys’ bunk beds with his brothers and a friend–“No machine guns, we’re just using melee weapons.”–Wow, I had to stop and think about what a melee was. Should I be more proud of his vocabulary or more worried because a melee is occurring in their bedroom? What do you think?


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