Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

This week I’m doing “Child Quotes” rather than “Boy Quotes.”


I took Princess Leia to Sweet Boy#3’s school for a Read Your Heart Out event where they brought in a bunch of calm pets and had them read with the children for 15 minutes in each class. To start the event out, the office gave Leia a Tiger Tail, clipping it onto her collar. The children get a Tiger Tail to clip onto their back packs when they first get their pictures onto the AR reading train. Leia proudly wore her Tiger Tail into the class room where the second grader’s were amazed.

“She can read!” various children asked. I had to explain, time and again that Leia received a Tiger Tail because we read to her each night along with our boys. Just like children can get points when their parents read to them, in the same way, Princess Leia received a Tiger Tail for all of the hours of reading that she listened to. About six different children asked if Leia could read and their words were always the same. “She can read!” I am always surprised and delighted by the fabulous imaginations that young minds posses.


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  • And exactly how is it you know that she can’t?

    Our Benny can read “Fed-Ex” and “UPS.”

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