Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

The boys were reading under the covers with The Hunky Hubby while I was at Bible study.

Sweet Boy#3 crawls across the bed and bumps Sweet Boy#1 ruining the tent he had made over his book.

Sweet Boy#1–Sighs. “Is there something to prop this up?”

Sweet Boy#2–“How about a toothbrush?”

Sweet Boy#1–“I need something taller.”

Sweet Boy#2–“A dinosaur Egg?”

Brothers…but so very very different.


Sweet Boy#3–“If you don’t get a rest when your tired, you can’t get a chance.”


Sweet Boy#2–Looking at a clothing magazine–“Momma, you look like you’ve grown a little bit. Are your pajamas a little tighter? These purple pajamas would look soooooo cute on you!”    Hmmmm, I guess the answer to whether my sons have noticed that I’ve lost 16 pounds this year is a resounding no. But at least they think of me when they see cute clothes.

Sweet Boy#3–“Talking is boring, attacking is fun!”



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