Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“You can never afford King, that’s how precious she is, plus another neverending neverending!” That boy loves his pet chicken.

Sweet Boy#?–I hear screams from the back yard. “Mom! Painty and Anna are dust bathing!!!” Lots of excitement here at the Wilks house. I filled an old, cracked sled with ashes from our neighbor’s wood stove and the chickens took a few days, but eventually they figured out what to do with their new toy.

Sweet Boy#2 scares Sweet Boy#3–Sweet Boy#3 says–“You just gave my heart a concussion!”

We are listening to The Supertones–Sweet Boy#3–“This sounds like mustache guys.” He is convinced that he can tell if someone has a mustache by how their voice sounds. This statement was followed by a heated argument with his brothers about whether or not that was possible.

The Hunky Hubby and one of the boys were playing a computer game. The timer rang and so I told them that screen time was over and they needed to stop. It took several tries. Sweet Boy#3–“Momma, you’re giving your husband orders!” I told him that yes I was, but only a little.

This week Sweet Boy#2 and Sweet Boy#3 both missed several days of school due to fevers. With such sick little guys at home, I tried to do everything I could to make them feel better. But a mom has to draw the line somewhere, right?

Sweet Boy#3–“Would you stop singing? It makes me more grumpy.”

Sweet Boy#3–I let him crawl in bed with us for snuggles, but then I heard a scratchy little voice say–“Cough, cough, cough…My cough drop got caught in your hair.”

Ah, the hazards of motherhood.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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