Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“My homework is to wear PJ’s all day, my teacher said.” Thank you so much Mrs. Graybeal! I want to let you know that he followed your instructions to the letter.

Sweet Boy#2–“…and when a zombie gets too close it gets zapped by the Christmas ornaments and gets stuck in the Christmas lights and immediately dies!” Imaginary games will never be the same since Sweet Boy#2 brought home a plants vs. zombies graphic novel from school.

Sweet Boy#?–“You’re screaming as loud as a 15 foot wooly mammoth!”

Sweet Boy#2–“The best part of cooking is the piles.” He was cutting up carrots with me in the kitchen, making nice neat piles.

2 Unnamed Boys–Broke my blue fish teapot during a pillow fight. They were sad about it at first, until the Hunky Hubby told them they could play a trick on me. So they carefully set the pieces back in place and kept quiet. Then when I awoke at 4:30 am really needing a cup of tea so I could write, I picked up the teapot and the handle fell off in my hand. Ha ha ha! This is my 5th broken teapot so far…now I’m looking for #6. Maybe I should get a steel one…or possible marble or titanium.

One of the boys was holding his brother’s chicken and petting her. His own chicken waddled up, looked at the chicken on her boy’s lap, and then firmly pecked him on the hand. He looked at her, she looked back, and pecked him again. He set his brother’s chicken down and his chicken promptly hopped up into his lap for pets. Hmmm…they are smarter than I thought.

Sweet Boy#3–He was sick with vomiting and a fever. What comfort food did he want? Macaroni and cheese? Oatmeal? Creamy hot cocoa? Nope. He wanted a homemade breadstick with balsamic vinegar to dip it in.



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