Adventures With Telamarketers

The guys from the “online yellow pages” have been calling us for years wanting us to update our free listing. I am absolutely certain that they are not with the real yellow pages. I even called the number on my phone book. Yup, our phone book company does not outsource to India, does not call many many times a year, does not offer a free service and then ask you to repeat for the machine that you will pay $42 dollars every month to get that free service.

Me–“But that is not free, it is 42 dollars.

Phone guy–“No, no, no! You must simply say that you will pay it into the recording machine and then you will get the free service. You do not actually have to pay.”

Me–Hanging up phone.

But yesterday I had a victory.

They called, again. They must have changed our info so that I felt the need to update it, because this time our address was wrong. So I gave them our address, and they sent me to someone else. I told them I would give them the new info if they wouldn’t go through the whole long speech and just take my info down. He kept trying to say his long speech and I kept trying to give him our address until finally I heard a very strange sound on the other end of the line.

A grown man, banging his phone on his desk over and over again.

It is frustrating to talk to telemarketers.

But apparently it is even more frustrating to talk to me.

After shouting and banging his phone for several long, long moments…he hung up on me!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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