Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–When we were having difficulties with our TV time trying to make the video game system work–“I hate screen time. I hate Christmas!”–Someway, somehow, I managed to keep myself from replying to him with “Bah humbug”. Self-control, thy name is Kristen.

Some of my children, who shall remain unnamed, might have been so hungry for a snack as I drove them home from school, that they could not wait for the mandarin oranges that I promised them at home. Instead, they dug into the Chickasaw tribe exhibit that one of the boys made for school. The Chickasaw lived in swampy country and the swamp was made out of oatmeal that had been dyed with food coloring in a big gloopy soupy mixture that included plastic snakes and lizards. This mixture dried into a cement like cake of ooze and apparently was delicious.

Our CD player is not longer functioning after some boys and cousins took it out to provide “Sledding Music” while they zipped down the driveway. It was very fun, but apparently too fun for old electronics. So, I let the boys use my computer as a CD player, facing away from them so that the glowing screen would not keep them awake or give them extra screen time. Perhaps I should have placed it inside the closet instead of on a nearby dresser. Because Sweet Boy#2 and #3 accidentally spilled water all over it. They were supposed to be sleeping. They said they were “snuggling”. But I suspect that wrestling is the more appropriate verb.

On Friday afternoon–“I need to open a window, my socks smell like their rotting.”

Momma–“That is weird?”

“Yeah, I’ve been wearing them since Sunday.”



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