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This week I wrote chapters 21-30 of that middle grade manuscript that I am trying to write in a month for National Write A Novel In A Month Month. This puts my word count at 38,190 words which is 8, 190 words past my goal of 30,000. I thought that my middle grade story would not take up a full 50,000 words. Perhaps I was wrong. We’ll see what size the rough draft ends up being at the end of the month. The chapters that I wrote this week included: All is Lost, The Dark Night of the Soul, The Second Plot Point (and the break into act three), and three chapters of The Climax. I am using story planning ideas from the book “Save the Cat!” by Blake Snyder. For this story it looks like the Climax is going to be about four chapters long. So I am getting close to finishing the rough draft. It really helps me to get the story down when I have a word count goal instead of a goal to write an awesome book. I freeze up when I pursue awesomeness. But getting a bunch of words down…I can do that. And so I am able to write the story, I can make it awesome later, if I can just get the thing down.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

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