Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–As I picked him up from school, he waved goodbye to a little girl in his class. Then he explained to me. “She was pretending to be a purple Chihuahua from Iceland.” Good to know that there are other 1st graders out there just like him.

I was walking home from the cousin’s house with the boys and we heard a bull elk bugle in the woods. Sweet Boy#2–“I heard a high-pitched roar…like a bat!”

You know how they tell you to make sure your baby gets skin-to-skin contact when you bring him home from the hospital. Well, they still like to snuggle, even when they get bigger. Sweet Boy#3–“Daddy, can I take my shirt off so I can feel your belly better?” Our snugglebug just wants to be close.

Sweet Boy#3–Wants to drink his lemonade at the AWANA supper really fast. So he just dumps the entire glass over his face. Turned out much messier than he’d anticipated.

Sweet Boy#2–Sings a song around the house called: “The Phantom Bantam of the Opera”. It was lovely.



Note: Sweet Boy#1 has decided that has grown past the Boy Quotes stage. So if you do not see his sayings on the blog, it is not because he is not awesome and hilarious. It is because he is ten, almost eleven, and is growing up. I respect and admire my oldest boy and will follow his wishes.


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