Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m mad at you Momma, because (sweet boy#2) hurt me on the nose.”

Sweet Boy#3–Gets a bloody nose from his brother in a small living room brawl, but doesn’t know it. He blows his nose and there is blood on his Kleenex…”Oh, I picked a bloody one.” He mumbles, as though the liquid simply fell from the sky and not his nostrils.

Sweet Boy#3–Walks through a small canyon that the boys made out of our two new ottomans. “This is the toilet of life, I walked though it!”

Sweet Boy#3–Was watching “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” and sees the dad grinding up sardines. “He’s making fish yogurt.”

But the best one ever.

Sweet Boy#3–Is watching me curl my hair and states: “You’re looking Good!” and where did he learn this phrase? This is the exact set of words that the Hunky Hubby uses to compliment. A good thing to learn from your Dad.


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  • So cute! And good thing I wasn’t drinking anything because I think I actually snorted at the “toilet of life”!

  • Yep, I was also surprised. Too much Hank the CowDog I suppose. If you ever go on a car trip you have got to get Hank the CowDog on CD to listen to, my boys absolutely love it and actually, so do I.

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