Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–“I’m throwing up so much I can’t get a breath!!!”–Never what you want to hear at 3:00am, poor little guy.

I try to sleep in on the day after our “Date Night”. You know the night you work hard to get the kids in bed so that you can watch 3 episodes of “Castle” and stay up until midnight together. But my attempt is thwarted by 3 adorable (and wide awake) little boys jumping all about me on my bed and chanting–“Bunnies Awake! Bunnies Awake! Bunnies Awake!!!”

Sweet Boy#3–“Gravity is pulling hard on my insides, it makes my tummy feel weird.”

Sweet Boy#3–“This is not like my normal life…(Sweet Boy#1), away at camp…”


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