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We Miss The Cousins

It was a sad sad day when the cousins packed up and drove off down our winding mountain road, back to the Oregon Coast from whence they came. They were here for two weeks and the boys had become accustomed to having playmates and I had become accustomed to having another female within 30 miles of our house with which to converse and everyone had become accustomed to regular doses of “Bean Bag Monster” when uncle Greg and the Hunky Hubby could tag team and play twice as long.

Everyone has been soggy and sad but sweet boy #3 is especially melancholy. He will pop out of nowhere and say one of their names with a question in his voice. When we visited the fort they built together he commented: “Auntie Rolana make steps, Uncle Greg bean bag monster” in that little heart broken tone that no mother wishes to hear from her offspring. And when we went in to Grammy’s to visit, he looked up the stairs and his eyes lit and he squealed out: “Cousins, Upstairs!” and rushed to find them only to receive the heartbreaking news that indeed I had not been lying, they were gone. He threw himself face down into Grammy’s carpet and sobbed and sobbed and threw a few wild kicks in there just for good measure. Life is so hard when you’re two and the cousins are gone.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • mamagriffith

    oh sad, Im misting up right now! I miss having a mommy around whome I can hang out with for more than a few hours and exchange good ideas with. It helps our kids are so genetically alike. We cant wait to see you in march and show you all our fun places to play..and help you avoide cranky non kid loving people at said conferance centers 😉

  • I have showed the boys the date on our calender several times already. Hey, I’m still doing school on presidents day, are you? I was thinking about taking a day off when we are down there instead of Monday.

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